Thank you all for a wonderful GO423

Thank you to all who gave their time and energy into making the 2015 GO423 symposium a wonderful weekend.  A collection of somewhat instant (read rubbish) photos here. If anyone has better pics do feel free to pass them on. The Brisbane game dev community rocks and we adore you!

It was a great game dev weekend and we can’t wait for next year! Keep an eye out for our next big event: The #fab48hr coming to a weekend in early October …

GO423 What if …? 2015

GO423 Workshop: Video games and theatre: The Revengance

We loved him last year when he came over from Berlin to explore making games with theatre, Coca Cola and Mentos! Friedrich Kirschner is back again to host a workshop at #GO423. We present: Video games and theatre: The Revengance

Friedrich is extraordinary – he works between games and theatre, he asks questions like: Shall we play Lemmings in the park using people? He can scan you into VR using a bathtub and a bit of ink. Last year Friedrich explored game design with Coca Cola and Mentos, this year we have him back to enact: Video Games and Theatre: The Revengance. This workshop invites you to come and explore game making on and off the screen with one of Europe’s most extraordinary theatre – games practitioners.

GO423 Sunday 10.00 – 12.00pm

Register via Eventbrite – See the program


#GO423 – it’s Prettygreat!

A bit more information about one of our ‘studio talks’ – this features the team from Prettygreat and Defiant Development‘s Morgan Jaffit as host … WOW!

Prettygreat came together to make remarkable mobile games for an evolving market, and new era of discoverability. We drive impact with our creations, our culture and a relentless pursuit to build experiences worth talking about. If it’s fun, unique, innovative, weird, explosive, juicy, or simply amazing, then our mission is making it for the world!

Prettygreat was founded in February 2015 by Luke Muscat, Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters. The trio are veterans of Halfbrick, where Luke was creator and designer of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Phil served as Chief Marketing Officer, and Hugh was lead artist and Art Director for multiple projects.

Morgan Jaffit helps make games happen! Defiant Development is a boutique game development studio located in Brisbane Australia, with a focus on developing high quality games for mobile and emerging platforms. Publishers of Ski Safari, Developers of Heroes Call and Ben 10 Slammers. Defiant’s recent game, Hand of Fate, is a deck-building action-rpg for the downloadable market.

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GirlsMakeGames Workshop

The GO423 program is now available – still a few details and tweaking but of particular interest is our wonderful GirlsMakeGames workshop on Sunday, this is a fabulous opportunity for girls to explore game design with some of our awesomest game devs, facilitated by Nicole Stark (Disparity Games), Christy Dena (SAE QANTM & Universe Creation 101) and Meg Summers (Screwtape Studios).

This workshop is aimed at ages 16+ and has limited numbers –bookings are essential

What if the chicken crossed the road?

The 2015 GO423 program is under construction but meet two very special speakers who are coming up from Melbourne to do a Studio Talk on Saturday Aug 8 at GO423, featuring our host with the most, John Passfield.


Matt Hall is half of Hipster Whale and runs a one-man-band studio in regional Victoria called KlickTock and has four App Store #1 games: Doodle Find, Little Things, Little Things Forever and Crossy Road.Andy Sum is half of Hipster Whale and runs a Melbourne based studio called Jigxor, where he created the PC title Dungeon Dashers. He also regularly participates in game jams, creating experimental games such as GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT.

Check out the in-progress program here:

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GO423 Eventbrite registration OPEN


Eventbrite is now open for GO423 2015 registration:

Dates: August 8 – August 9 2015
Venue: The Cube, Gardens Point, Brisbane

GO423 brIGDA page

GO423 Facebook page

The 2015 GO423 Symposium (What if …) will take place over the weekend of August 8-9 2015. As usual the first day is a day of panels and talks (August 8) and the second day (August 9) is given over to workshops and our own ‘Locally made games’ exhibition.

2015 #fab48hr logo competition announced

It’s that time of year again where we call upon you to design a logo for the Game On 48 Hour Game Making Challenge.

The winning logo will be used as the official 48 Hour logo for 2015 and will be presented on promotional material, including prize mugs, event shirts and online platforms.

Entries close Mon 27 July 2015.

The winner will be announced at the 2015 Game On Symposium, 8-9 August.


GO423 What if … ? EOI for games – Call for panel proposals

Dates: August 8 – August 9 2015
Venue: The Cube, Gardens Point, Brisbane

GO423 Facebook page

The 2015 GO423 Symposium (What if …) will take place over the weekend of August 8-9 2015. As usual the first day is a day of panels and talks (August 8) and the second day (August 9) is given over to workshops and our own ‘Locally made games’ exhibition.

Call for workshop / panel proposals

First call for panel and workshop proposals: A panel assumes three or four people discussing a topic and taking questions on topics of interest to our game making community. A workshop can be a short session (50 minutes) or a 2 hour session.

We are looking for panels and workshop proposals that are about the *What if …?* moments of game dev be they about past stories of ideas experimented with or future stories of things that could be explored …

First EOI for games for the exhibition*

Call for games for the GO423 exhibition

We love to see:

  • Completed games – published and already out there
  • Works in progress – ready to play test or pre-release
  • Play experiments – something you have made that fits our ‘What if …’ theme

And all things in between!

If you made a game during one of our 48 hour game making challenges and want to bring it back, we would be very happy indeed …

*usual EOI stuff. This is an expression of interest only, space is limited. Please give us enough information so we can consider your game.